Monday, January 24, 2011

Dying to Run

I can't stand it.

It's officially been over a week since my last run.  The worst part has been reading about all the miles other people are putting in.  The worst has been Tony Krupicka, who put in 194 miles last week in preparation for Rocky Racoon on February 5, complete with pics of his runs.  He's literally killing me.

And my legs feel great, too.  The knee hasn't hurt at all for daily activities in the past two weeks--the only exception being during my actual runs last weekend.  I've been dreaming about waking up and going on runs.  My mind keeps trying to sneak in thoughts of, "Just a few miles.  Nothing major.  You'll be fine."  I just hope that the full two weeks off is what I need, and that it will actually get me healthy enough to build slowly back up.

I still have that 100-mile race in the back of my mind for April, but I know the reality is more likely that I'll be pacing my brother for the last 50 or so.  If I don't get a 7 or 8 hour run in, without injury, before March 12th or 13th, then pacing is my fate.  But there are many, many worse fates.

If it's baby steps I need to take, I am dying for that first one.

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