Sunday, February 27, 2011

Running Again & the Ice Age Trail 50

Oh it's so on.  

I'm running again, and this week has been fantastic!  Two runs of 3 and 4 miles on Tuesday, 10 miles on Thursday, 10 sub-zero epic ice beard miles Saturday (see below), and 10.5 slightly-warmer miles today.  37.5 miles this week, all with relatively no pain.  Bring on Zumbro!

We'll see if it's humanly possible to finish a hundred mile race with 6 weeks of prep, including taper, but I'm going to at least start the darn thing and see how far I get.   

Oh, and my brother and I also grabbed two of the last spots in the Ice Age Trail 50 Mile race on May 14, which Zach Gingerich won last year in 6:23:53!  Zach is signed up again this year, as well as Tim Long!  Those two guys are my predicted top finishers, and I can't wait to meet them.

Also stumbled upon a fellow aspiring ultra-runner in my neighborhood by looking at Garmin Connect runs from Minneapolis named Jordan Hanlon.  Hopefully I'll get to run with him sometime.  

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