Monday, March 28, 2011


So, prior to this weekend, I'd never done multiple distance runs in the same day before.  I mean, sure, I'd run a 13/3 (AM/PM), and I guess there was RAGNAR where I had 4 runs between 4 and 8 miles in 30 hours, but that was still nothing like running 12/13 (AM/PM) on Saturday.  The worst part is that I think I was calorie negative on the day by a bit.  Oops.  Still, all-in-all, after taking Tuesday and Wednesday off because of last weeks unusual (for me, anyway) spike in mileage, I had great runs on Thursday (at the Metrodome following the last big snowfall of the year on Tue and Wed--crossing my fingers on that one) and Saturday.

On Saturday AM I got out for a quick 3 mile spin with the dogs.  I decided to let them run at whatever pace they wanted, and boy do they have a thing or two to learn about pacing themselves.  With the leashes slack, their first mile was a 7:45 pace, followed by an 8:32 second mile, and finishing with an 8:47 third mile.  Then I dropped the boys off and headed East on Minnehaha.

Minnehaha Falls in its Icy Splendor!

Necessary Minnesota Winter Vehicle
Finished Saturday's AM run with a quick 8:47 pace for 11.57 miles.  Then went out Saturday PM west on Minnehaha around Harriet and back with Andy, where we pushed a high 7 min pace around the lake during a gorgeous sunset.

Sunday's run was cut very short.  I just didn't have anything in the tank.  Kinda scary.  12 days until Zumbro.  I'll have to make sure to load prior, and eat eat eat to keep the tank full.  We'll see how it goes.

Mon - Off
Tue - Off
Wed - Off
Thur - 10 miles @ the Metrodome in 1:27
Fri - Off
Sat - AM 11.6 miles @ Minnehaha in 1:42
        PM 13.4 miles @ Minnehaha in 2:11 (w/Andy)
Sun - 3.2 miles @ Nokomis in :31

Total - 38.3 miles in 5:51

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