Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Busted at Zumbro

Looking out over the Zumbro River Valley after an epic climb out of aid station #3, lap #1.
So, a bit to catch up on.  I missed last week's post, and it's Wednesday already and I haven't got my Zumbro post up yet.  Long story short, I dropped after 3 laps at Zumbro (62'ish miles + an extra 2 or so on the first lap).  I immediately regretted dropping in the morning, especially after seeing everyone get their second winds before the 5th lap, BUT, I had the time of my life and cannot wait to go back.  John Storkamp and Larry Pederson put on one hell of a race!  The course is fantastic!  I've never run on such technical and hilly trails.  I really have no idea how I would have truly prepared for this.  The volunteers were amazing!  Always cheery, most ultrarunners, always knowing what to say and knowing when to kick you out of the aid station.  Anyone lucky enough to get to try this race in the future, make sure you go down the night before, camp with all the runners, and then hang out at the finish after you're done.  It's really a great time.  When I get a free moment, I'll try to get my race (if you can call what I did a race) report up.

But, before I forget, here's the mileage the week before Zumbro.

Mon - Off
Tue - 10 miles @ Nokomis & Minnehaha in 1:30 (middle 4 miles w/Alicia)
Wed - Off
Thur - 4.3 miles @ Nokomis with in :47 (w/Alicia)
Fri - Off
Sat - 10 miles @ Minnehaha and Harriet in 1:24 (w/Jordan Hanlon)
Sun - 8.6 miles @ Minnehaha in 1:35 (w/Alicia)

Total - 33 miles in 5:16

Then, the mileage for the week of Zumbro.

Mon - Off
Tue - 4.25 miles @ Nokomis on the grass in :43 (w/Alicia)
Wed - Off
Thur - 1.62 miles in :15 (w/Alicia)
Fri - 65 miles at Zumbro in 17:00
Sat - Off
Sun - 3 mile walk @ Nokomis

Total - 74 miles in 18:48

Btw, I officially signed up for Sawtooth in September, and am really leaning towards the Trail Mix 50k in Bloomington on Saturday.  Should be fun!

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