Monday, April 18, 2011

Trail Mix 50k

Man was it nice to finish a race after my DNF at Zumbro!

5:07 for my first 50k (results).  Not too shabby a week off 60+ miles at Zumbro.  Two runs last week leading up to this of 4 and 6 miles, then 31 miles on Saturday at Hyland Lake Park in the snow and mud!

I started this race with the right shoes, the right gear, and the right pace, I just ran into a porta-john stop after Lap #1, didn't carry enough gels out with me for Lap #3, and had tired legs from Zumbro the weekend before.  

Perfect shoes for the occasion!
I went out at a decent clip through the 1-2" of snow well behind the leaders and was quickly splashing through the mud.  It was actually really, really fun.  I chatted with Sonya Decker for the first few miles, who I recognized from the Metrodome runs this winter.  She was coming off a DNF at the 100k Championships in WI the prior weekend, so we chatted about tired legs and just finishing a race for a change.  She took off as I slowed up the hills a bit.  Climbing is definitely not my strong-suite, especially a week after Zumbro.  

I came in from Lap #1 at 1:08!  An 8:45 pace including walking up some of those hills!  Fast for me!  But I had to take a rather long porta-john stop before heading out for Lap #2.  I probably ended up losing 4 or 5 minutes there.  Oh well.  Came in from Lap #2 at 1:14 and saw Alicia at the start on her way to work!  I quickly said hello, grabbed a cup of powerade and an s-cap, chatted a bit, and headed out.  I ran out of gels early on Lap #3, so I had to stop and eat cups of trail mix at the aid stations to keep up any energy at all.  It was funny seeing all the single-lap runners trying to avoid the mud as I charged right down the thick of it, but a little demoralizing to see fresh legs out there, and Chris Lundstrom flew by me at Aid #1, further showing me how slow I was.  Meh.  I finished Lap #3 in 1:22 and went to the truck quick to grab gels, a cap, and drop off my empty race belt.  I passed 6 guys on Lap #4, only getting passed once in the process!  I even hit the 26.2 mile point around 4:17 or 4:18!  Not too shabby.  I finished Lap #4 in 1:23 for a 5:07 total!  Overall, a great run!

Sat on the bumper before someone offered to take this pic.  Meh.
Closed the week with a nice run with Alicia around Nokomis, where she absolutely smoked it!  To the lake at a 9:30 pace, and caught her on the way back at an 8:00 pace for a bit!

Weekly totals:

Mon - Off
Tue - 4.5 miles @ Nokomis in :40 (out-and-back, waiting a bit for Buck)
Wed - Off
Thur - 5.7 miles @ Nokomis and Minnehaha in :48
Fri - Off
Sat - 31 miles @ Trail Mix 50k in 5:07
Sun - 4.25 @ Nokomis in :41 (w/Alicia)

Total - 45 miles in 7:17

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