Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday long runs!

I went into last week with a 50-mile race at Ice Age looming on the horizon with mileages post-Zumbro and Trail Mix of 12 and 22 miles.  Eek!  That left one week to get some good mileage in and then a week of taper before toeing the line in La Grange, WI.   So, on Tuesday I buckled up and headed out on my first ever Tuesday evening long run.

I left work at 5:30, headed home, threw on some clothes, packed some food, and headed out for 30 paved miles in the New Balance Minimus Trail shoes and testing my new Salomon Hydro 45 Belt and Salomon Custom Zipped Pocket I'd ordered from RunningWarehouse a week back.  I had to get Alicia to swap the Minimus Trail shoes for the Minimus Road shoes at mile 14, and I ditched the Salomon belt and pocket at mile 20.

My metatarsals simply can't take the pounding in the Minimus Trail shoes on pavement.  I don't know how others do it, but the small amount of foam under my forefoot in the Minimus Road shoes does the trick perfectly.  Really, the Minimus Road is my ideal road shoe, which incidentally turned 200 miles old today!  And I just couldn't get comfortable in the Salomon belt and pocket.  The contents of the pocket kept bouncing too much, even loosening the straps to the belt.  I ditched the pocket at mile 14 with the change in shoes and tried to shove the remaining contents in the small pocket on the back of the belt, but to get the belt tight enough to not move or bounce, I felt like I was going to snap my cell phone in half.  So I ended up carrying the cell between miles 14 and 20 until I stopped at home to grab a light, reflective vest, and my Spibelt.

I ended up running the first 11 miles at an 8:11 pace, to 20 miles just under a 9:00 pace, and between 20 and 30 miles in the 9:40's.  I hit 1:48 and change for 13.1 miles, 3:50's for 26.2 miles, and just under a 4:30 for 30 miles, and I joked that I made it a point to practice walking up BOTH hills!

Following Tuesday's run, I didn't get out again until Saturday morning with fellow Ragnar teammates Greg Smock and Jordan Hanlon.  We put up 17.25 at an 8:40 pace, and I added another 2 miles to and from Smock's place.  Then, Sunday, I got out with Alicia and Buck for their long run prior to the half at Fargo.

Now, Ice Age on Saturday.  I ran 7.5 this morning, 2.75 with Alicia and a fast 4.75 afterwards.  I've got a plethora of running gear coming tomorrow from Running Warehouse, including a bunch of hydration packs that I'm going to try out quick and a pair of clearance Salomon trail shoes, the XT Hawk 2, with a 12mm drop but weighing in at 10.9 ounces.  I'm hoping the XT's help shield the metatarsals on rocky runs, because even the MT101s gave me issues at Zumbro.  It's a beefier shoe, 50% heavier than the MT101s, and with a more traditional drop, 2mm more than the MT101s.

Just to be clear, I'm not complaining about the MT101s at all.  I think they're great shoes, but I did feel like I broke my foot for a while at Zumbro.  There's still the possibility that was due to my "controlled falling" down hills on the first lap, though.  I'm still leaning on wearing them at Ice Age, unless someone can convince me that the Minimus Trails would be the better choice.  They were at the Trail Mix 50k, but that's a really soft course.

Also, New Balance claims that the insole is non-removable in the MT101s, which is so not true.  I just took mine up to rid the Zumbro sand from them before running last Sunday.  

Weekly Totals:

Mon - Off
Tue - AM 2 miles speedwork @ Park in :20 (w/Alicia, Tucker & Louie), PM 30 miles @ Calhoun & Nokomis in 4:30
Wed - Off
Thur - Off
Fri - Off
Sat - 19.3 miles @ Calhoun in 2:48 (w/Smock and Jordan)
Sun - 11.4 miles @ Minnehaha & Nokomis in 2:08 (w/Alicia and Buck)

Total - 63 miles in 9:44


  1. Good luck at Ice Age. I will be there ... hoping to consume more free beer than hours run on the trail.

    I have run circles around Lake Nokomis twice (FANS 24) 2008,2009.

    30 miles 11 days before a 50 is pushing it a bit, but enough time to recover.

    If you see a big horse on Saturday - 6'3 220# with colorful gaiters with peace symbols on them - That will be me.

    Michael Henze

  2. Mike,

    Had to get the long run in where I could, but I think I'll be ok. My last few runs have been good.

    I look forward to seeing you a few times on the out and backs, because you'll be way, way in front of me. That was some distance you covered at FANS in 2009. I might have that many miles around Nokomis this year, but I'd never come close in 24 hours. So if you see another big horse on Saturday, 6'3 195# with black shorts, black sleeveless top, black NB MT101s, and a black Salomon pack (I'm apparently channeling my inner Johnny Cash for this race), say hello!

  3. Johnny like his black and lived a painful life - Sounds appropriate for an ultra-runner.

    I paced a friend 62 miles of the Superior 100 in 2009 - I will take running nice easy circles around Nokomis any time.

    Michael Henze

  4. When will we get an ice age report?