Thursday, December 20, 2012

2013 Race Schedule

The bad news: I struck out again at Western States and Hardrock. It's an ongoing theme for many, many more people than just me. 

The good news: My 2013 race schedule is a bit clearer. Cross Hardrock off my list, as well as any other Rocky Mtn and Grand Slam Races this year--well, kinda.

So yeah, about that good news, things are still pretty murky.  

There's a monster of a race that I'm toying with the idea of signing up for, and looking at the remaining lotteries and open registration dates, August and September are still a bit in flux.

The Flux

I challenge any ultrarunner to watch the TNF helicopter coverage of the 2011 UTMB and not want to run that race. You'd have to hate sugar and freedom to see that and say, "meh." And because I know that ultrarunners love sugar and freedom, every ultrarunner should want to run UTMB.  

The issue: UTMB takes place Aug 30, 2013. Registration opened Dec 19th and runs through Jan 8th, with a lottery on Jan 20th (if necessary--and it should be). Ok, by itself, that's not an issue, but if I can't run UTMB in 2013, I kind of want to run Leadville on Aug 17th and then Superior three weeks later on Sept 6th. Leadville is a first-come, first-serve registration event for the last time this year, which means if I want to run it, and I want to know that I can run it, I need to sign up for it this year, and sign up early, weeks before the Jan 20th UTMB lottery, but winning the UTMB lottery likely means no Leadville OR Superior for 2013. Do you see the quandry?  

Yes, there's a chance that the Leadville registration slowly fills and that I'll be able to closely monitor it and maybe even hold out until after the UTMB lottery, but that's all a bunch of crap, because last year (from what I can tell) the race sold out in 3 days. 

Further issue: Leadville costs $275 and I'm not sure there's a refund policy, which means that if I get in to UTMB, that $275 Leadville registration would be like a donation do the UTMB gods. That'd be all fine, well, and good if the profits from Leadville's race went to the trail, but no. I imagine Lifetime Fitness isn't the greatest trail steward out there (please correct me if I'm wrong).  

Further further issue: UTMB isn't easy to qualify for. There's a selected list of races that award points towards qualification, and the race requires 7 points from 3 races. Superior awards 4 pts/per, and you can go back 2 years. I guess, if I don't get into UTMB and run Superior in 2013, that, with my 2012 Superior, will get me the points I need for 2014.  

The Known

My good friend Jason LaPlant got in to Western States, and unless he shoots me in the foot, I plan on heading to Squaw Valley with him in to pace or crew, whatever he wants from me. I'm uber excited to just go and experience the Western States vibe, and getting to run on the course, either before or after the race, or pacing during, will be an adventure! But, Western means no Black Hills this year, which means no Gnarly Bandit attempt for 2013, which I'm fine with. I'd much rather be at Western helping my friend go sub-30.

The Calendar

So, tentatively, the calendar looks like this:

Goofy Challenge Jan 12 & 13

Zumbro 100 April 12
Chippewa 50k April 27

Superior 50k May 18

Western States June 29 (Pace/Crew)

Afton 50k July 6
SpeedGoat 50k July 27

Leadville 100 Aug 17
UTMB 100 Aug 30

Superior 100 Sept 6

Bear 100 Sept 27

JFK 50 Nov 16 (May 1 Reg)


There are other runs I'd like to do sometime, too, like the R2R2R, the Zion Traverse, some time at Yosemite, the Grand Tetons, in the Sawatch range, or the San Juans. I'd love to spend some more time on the SHT, too. I've got big eyes for this stuff. Hopefully I get to wet my lips with at least some of it. 


  1. Whatever you do, don't hate freedom. Establish some dom on some trails. My goal this summer: 50k, 50Mile, 100k, 100Mile. Chubby Bunny.

  2. I'm planning on doing at least one of those races. Even if I had the desire to do that many ultras again, it's out of my price range. Among the Leadville races, there's one that involves pack mules that always looks like fun.

  3. Ohhhh... updates to race schedule. Added Speedgoat 50k instead of Voyageur 50, and I figured out how silly it is that I thought I needed Bear 100 to qualify for UTMB in 2014 if I ran it in 2013, never once realizing that of course UTMB is a qualifier for UTMB. Ridiculous. Though I still might run it. Oh, and FANS it is over Kettle.