Saturday, January 12, 2013

Custom Blog Header!

I logged onto my Facebook yesterday to find that John Storkamp had updated Rocksteady Running's Spring Superior 25k/50k race page with new content, including a FANTASTIC custom image of yours truly gracing one of the headers!

Jennifer Pierce snapped this picture at 2012's Spring Superior 50k heading into Oberg on the way back to Caribou Highlands. I remember saying hello to her as I ran by. Her husband, Zach Pierce, is usually behind the lens, but he was running that day, and Jen is quite the photographer in her own right. 

Incidentally, 2013 Spring Superior opens on January 15th. Remember to register early! The race is a fantastic one, and it will fill up fast. The Superior Hiking Trail is gorgeous, and the race brings you from Caribou Highlands in Lutsen south on the trail to the top of Carlton Peak before turning around and heading back. 

What most amazed me, though, was how much John took Jen's picture and ran with it. He's quite the graphic artist, and does quite a bit of design work in addition to his second-to-none race directing in the fairer months (Zumbro, Spring Superior, Afton, Fall Superior, etc.) and his own racing, including pulling sleds for hundreds of miles in the winter (3-time Arrowhead 135 winner, 2013 Tuscobia 150 winner, also running 2013 Arrowhead on January 28th and the 350-mile Iditarod Trail Invitational on February 24, 2013) as well as running every other race distance known to man in the fairer months (see his UltraSignup/Athlinks).

Check out Jen's original pic here:

And John's voodoo magic here:

I'm still blown away at how great this picture is, and not just because the runner in the picture is so darn good looking. Many thanks, John! Plus, it's always neat to see yourself on one of your favorite race websites, too. For me, this is just neat all-around!

Oh, last bit of news! I just ran a half-marathon PR today, and got to meet Frank Shorter at the Disney Marathon Expo on Thursday! More on those later. 


  1. Very cool. Beautiful work by both Jen and John. Nice run!!!

  2. Love it! John does such amazing work, I love the lighting, and the fairy bubbles following you on the right. Enchanted forest!