Sunday, December 19, 2010

Why the Century?

Good question.  I mean, why would anyone want to run 100 miles?  But really, why not?  

I started running in February after my brother ran the Goofy Challenge (the half and full marathons) at the 2010 Disney Marathon weekend.  I decided after the second morning of waking up at 4am, fighting traffic to get to the starting line, and chasing Andy around the course, that if I was going to go through all of that trouble, I may as well be running.  I signed up for the Fargo Marathon on the drive back to Minnesota and completed my first 6 mile long run--one of the longest of my life--the first weekend in February.

Here I sit nearly a year later with one official marathon (Fargo 2010), a bunch of marathon distance runs, a 50k run around Minneapolis, a 35 mile run on a treadmill (!@#), and a few thousand miles under my belt.  I'm hooked.

I'd planned on gradually getting into ultras in 2011 starting at the 50k distance and gradually working up to the 50 miles and maybe, just maybe 100 miles if the 50s went well, but then my brother decided to try the Zumbro 100 Mile run on April 8-9 in Winona, MN, and I thought, what the hell, there's a 100k pull-out point, why not give her a go.  So, the plan changed, and now I'm just hoping to get healthy enough to train for that epic distance.

2011 Wish List

It's a big wish list--but hell, even if I don't finish any of these things, running beats the hell out of watching TV.  For now, I just need to get my knee healthy enough to run the Goofy Challenge at the 2011 Disney Marathon on January 8-9.  I'll take the rest one step at a time.  Literally.