Monday, March 28, 2011


So, prior to this weekend, I'd never done multiple distance runs in the same day before.  I mean, sure, I'd run a 13/3 (AM/PM), and I guess there was RAGNAR where I had 4 runs between 4 and 8 miles in 30 hours, but that was still nothing like running 12/13 (AM/PM) on Saturday.  The worst part is that I think I was calorie negative on the day by a bit.  Oops.  Still, all-in-all, after taking Tuesday and Wednesday off because of last weeks unusual (for me, anyway) spike in mileage, I had great runs on Thursday (at the Metrodome following the last big snowfall of the year on Tue and Wed--crossing my fingers on that one) and Saturday.

On Saturday AM I got out for a quick 3 mile spin with the dogs.  I decided to let them run at whatever pace they wanted, and boy do they have a thing or two to learn about pacing themselves.  With the leashes slack, their first mile was a 7:45 pace, followed by an 8:32 second mile, and finishing with an 8:47 third mile.  Then I dropped the boys off and headed East on Minnehaha.

Minnehaha Falls in its Icy Splendor!

Necessary Minnesota Winter Vehicle
Finished Saturday's AM run with a quick 8:47 pace for 11.57 miles.  Then went out Saturday PM west on Minnehaha around Harriet and back with Andy, where we pushed a high 7 min pace around the lake during a gorgeous sunset.

Sunday's run was cut very short.  I just didn't have anything in the tank.  Kinda scary.  12 days until Zumbro.  I'll have to make sure to load prior, and eat eat eat to keep the tank full.  We'll see how it goes.

Mon - Off
Tue - Off
Wed - Off
Thur - 10 miles @ the Metrodome in 1:27
Fri - Off
Sat - AM 11.6 miles @ Minnehaha in 1:42
        PM 13.4 miles @ Minnehaha in 2:11 (w/Andy)
Sun - 3.2 miles @ Nokomis in :31

Total - 38.3 miles in 5:51

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gnarly Bandit?

75 miles this week.  Not quite the 80+ I was dreaming about, but hey, not too bad either.  I had a great 30 mile jaunt on Saturday, the first 28 with Jordan Hanlon.

JH and me at mile 24 or so
Then an impromptu 15 mile run on Sunday with my Dad.  Sunday was the first 3+ mile distance in the NB Minimus Trail shoes, and, as it turns out, 15 miles on pavement in those guys is too much for me, because there's a little swelling in my left knee that I'm going to monitor intently.  The current plan is to take Monday off and start dipping down in mileage.  If I put in 50 miles next week, I'll be surprised.  One day at a time...

Until April 8th anyway, because I officially registered for Zumbro!  I wanted 35 or 40 miles on Saturday, but hey, 30's alright, especially with the lack of overall training I've had so far this year.  Plus, just today the Zumbro race shirts came out, and damn do they look cool!

So here goes nothing.  I joked that I hope I survive to wear this shirt, but even if I don't, it'll look great at the funeral.  That is a fantastic logo!

And as I was running into all of this great info online, I also saw the UMTR Gnarly Bandit Race Series on John Storkamp's facebook page (incidentally, John also set the CR at Zumbro last year).  But the Gnarly Bandit Series interests me.  I was already planning on running 3 of the 5, and Kettle Moraine falls on the same weekend as the FANS 24 hour race/Minneapolis Marathon, neither of which I'm registered for or dead set on running.  But I'd have to add that AND Black Hills, which is a LOT of racing.  Zumbro first.  One step at a time.  

Mon - Off
Tue - 16 miles @ the Metrodome in 2:20
Wed - 3 miles @ Nokomis w/Alicia and the dogs in :32
Thur - 8 miles @ the Metrodome w/Dad in 1:15
Fri - 3 miles @ Nokomis w/Alicia and the dogs in :30
Sat - 30 miles around Minneapolis (28 w/JH, then home) in 4:55
Sun - 15 miles @ Nokomis, Minnehaha, and the Mississippi River w/Dad in 2:35

Total - 75 miles in 12:07

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Still a Shot at Zumbro

Four weeks to go.  I think I've still got an outside shot at being able to attempt Zumbro.  Just finished a fantastic 60 mile week. I need to up this for next week and see how long I can push the miles over the weekend. I'm hoping for a 35-40 mile run on Saturday or Sunday, and then just maintain/taper until April 8th.

My dad and me after Sunday's run.

Mon - Off
Tue - 13 miles @ the Metrodome in 2:05
Wed - Off
Thu - 15 miles @ the Metrodome in 2:22 (w/Dad)
Fri - Off
Sat - 20 miles @ Minnehaha in 3:20 (icy, windy, and cold)
Sun - 12.2 miles @ Minnehaha in 2:08 (super slick, w/Dad)

Total - 60 Miles in 9:55

Cross your fingers. I'm going to give this a go.