Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sawtooth Training: AKA The Voyageur Flood Course & Look Mom No Hands Ragnar 4-way Action

The Superior 100 is merely hours away, and I'm stoked.  I feel equal parts excited and terrified, which is just the right mix.  There's 137 runners in the 100-mile version of 2012's rodeo, and there's going to be carnage.  I can't wait.

I'm excited for a bunch of reasons; the biggest being that I have business to finish with this course from last year's 60-mile hike-fest.  I'm terrified for one big reason, namely that nobody's guaranteed a finish on this course.  Nobody.  My season's been... interesting... running a slow Superior 50k, switching to the 100k course at Kettle, and dropping at Black Hills, but I've done my best to rid every possible reason for not finishing this race.  I'm sleeping.  I'm eating.  I'm tapering.  I'm healthy.  There's not much else in my control.

Voyageur on the "Flood Course" was a hoot.  The course was definitely slower than the normal course, and given that, I still ran a good bit better than last year.  Then Ragnar came and I was able to hold a 7:45 pace for 55+ miles, which was a good 55 seconds per mile faster overall than last year.  Now, it's time to go, and I can't wait.  I'll post some pics of Voyageur (there aren't many) and Ragnar (a few) in due time, but for now, I've got Superior on my mind.